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Series: In The Beginning

March 20, 2023

11 - Hidden Providence

Joseph's brothers do something terrible to him, and yet, years later, Joseph believes...

March 6, 2023

9 - They Did What?!

Bible stories are sometimes strange, disturbing, and morally ambiguous. Genesis 34 is...

February 27, 2023

8 - Struck By Mercy

Jacob's story is one of grace: chosen as recipient of God's blessing. The Lord...

February 20, 2023

7 - Jacob the Everyman

Jacob may be one of the three great patriarchs of Israel, but he is no polished saint...

February 13, 2023

6 - The Obedience of Faith

Christians often draw distinctions between faith and good works, but the New Testament...

February 6, 2023

5 - Abraham's Doubt

Abraham, while admirable, was not without faults; his story is defined less by...

January 30, 2023

4 - The Call of Abraham

Long regarded by Jews and Christians alike as a biblical hero, Abraham is the focus of...

January 16, 2023

2 - The Great Rupture

Genesis 3 tells the famous story of the sin of Adam and Eve, what Christians have long...

January 9, 2023

1 - Beginnings

Genesis begins with the beginning of all things: creation, life, human persons, work...

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