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Twenty-seven hundred years ago, the people of Israel found themselves in a crisis. Forced into exile, living as strangers in a foreign land, they were struggling to hold onto their faith in a new and hostile cultural climate. Then one of their priests, a man named Ezekiel, received a series of visions by God.

Today, the people of God still live as strangers in a foreign land; though our cultural landscape has changed, the challenges of faith remain. Which is why, in this 6-week course, Dr. Erika Moore brings our attention once again to those visions given to Ezekiel, so that we too might hear God’s word of assurance for troubling times.

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  • Length: 6 sessions
  • Teachers: Dr. Erika Moore
  • Leader's Guide: Discussion questions are available for small group leaders.
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1. Exile And Us

The prologue introduces us to the man Ezekiel and situates him in Babylon (modern Iraq) in the year 593 BCE when he, along with many of the leading citizens of Judah, are taken into captivity. We in America today find ourselves in analogous circumstance: exiled to cultural irrelevance.

2. Meeting God in Unexpected Places

Ezekiel's prophetic vision continues in detail. So overwhelmed by this experience, he is grasping for words. A storm, four humanoid creatures, wheels within wheels, all supporting a brilliant expanse on which sits a glorious throne. Ezekiel falls down prostrate at having witnessed the Lord God in the most unexpected of places.

3. Not Meeting God in Expected Places

Ezekiel's great temple vision depicts the depths of idolatry present in ancient Jerusalem, and we become eyewitness to the violent society that has supplanted true worship. As the glory of the Lord leaves its temple dwelling, the exiles must abandon their current attachment to Jerusalem, for the Lord is no longer to be found where they most expected to find him.

4. Can These Bones Live?

Chapter 37 records Ezekiel's third vision, which occurs after the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple. It stands among the most powerful images of Scripture, a vision of new life brought forth from death, and confronts us with a burning question of faith.

5. God Is With Us

Ezekiel ends as it began: with a vision. This final vision of a restored temple and city encourages repentance, faithfulness, and hope for the exilic community. Whether taken literally or figuratively, the message of the vision is clear: the Lord will return to dwell in the midst of his people and his Kingdom will transform the lives of all.

6. The Glory Of The Lord

As we reflect once more on the final vision of Ezekiel, we ask a crucial question: where is the Glory of the Lord today?

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