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Christian Mission in a Pagan World

The book of Acts tells the story of the birth and expansion of the Church in a pagan world, bearing witness to the irresistible power of the Holy Spirit.

A Faithful God for a Faithless People

Judges isn’t just a tragic depiction of the faithlessness of God’s people. It is at the same time a startling account of the patience and faithfulness of a God who refuses to abandon His people, even when they are at their very worst.

The Good News of Christian Freedom

Galatians is an urgent and passionate book filled with sharp comparisons—and there is good reason, for our Christian freedom is precisely what is at stake in Paul's letter.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Where shall wisdom be found? How can we navigate life amidst crises? What guidance has God given us? Explore questions like these in Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job.

Sermons on Podcast

Listen to recent sermons from our sanctuary worship services, and subscribe on your favorite podcast provider.

Praying with the Saints

Father Paul Donison hosts an online service of evening prayer with an inspiring story from the life of a Christian saint, followed by a pastoral reflection. Follow along with our PDF guide.


C.S. Lewis Summer

Join Fr. Bryan and Fr. Jonathan for a 7-week podcast journey through two classic books by C.S. Lewis.

The Gospel According to Moses

Journey through the first five books of the Bible in this sweeping exposition of the ancient foundation of theology.

Glittering Vices

The seven deadly sins may seem alluring but are in fact the root of sickness in the soul. Learn how to identify your vices and what to do about them.

Listen to the Voice of Jesus

Fr. Paul leads a seminar for a live audience on how to hear the voice of God. A four session topical study from 2017.

We invite ordinary people to know Jesus Christ and become like Him for the sake of the world.

We joyfully invite you to explore Christ Church and find here a community that marries the best of the Church’s ancient practices with culturally-engaged, biblically-orthodox preaching and teaching.

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