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Being God's People

Who are we as God's people? Moses's final words to the people of Israel help the Church today grasp what it means to belong to God.

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Strangers in the World

Christians bear the world's unwelcome, for those who follow Jesus are called strangers and exiles, oddballs and outcasts. Yet, the Apostle Peter encourages us to embrace this call.

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Assurances for Troubling Times

Dr. Erika Moore leads our study of Ezekiel. Though the cultural landscape of today differs from ancient Babylon, the challenges of faith remain: the people of God still live as exiles in a foreign land.

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How Then Shall We Live?

The Ten Commandments in an Age of Moral Confusion: recordings from our day seminar with Dr. Carmen Joy Imes and Dr. Peter Leithart

Humble Thanks

Explore the Christian faith, walking line-by-line through one of our most celebrated Anglican prayers, "The General Thanksgiving."

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Praying with the Saints

Father Paul Donison hosts an online service of evening prayer with an inspiring story from the life of a Christian saint, followed by a pastoral reflection. Follow along with our PDF guide.


Kingdom Stories

Examine some of the greatest and most beloved of Christ's parables and discover, once again, their simple but profound lessons.

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You're Only Human

We live in a busy and accomplishment-driven culture that often leaves us feeling both exhausted and guilty at not having accomplished more. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Night at the Cathedral

Bishop Paul and our clergy teachers host a series of seminars on important topics of Christian faith and life.

The Righteousness of God

Romans is the masterwork of Christianity's most influential apostle. Study the book that taught millions to think, speak, and live out their faith in the Gospel.

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We invite ordinary people to know Jesus Christ and become like Him for the sake of the world.

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